Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Spring

We have been so busy! So, just quick blog to try to catch everyone up. I am back at work at the Credit Union, and it feels so good to be back. But it is hard to find time for all of my responsibilities, so some things have had to take a back seat (like blogging). I am busy studying for an accounting exam this weekend. I am finding it hard to concentrate, though. Billie went this weekend with her Grandparents and had a wonderful time. It is good to have her back at home. We missed her, and I think by the way she is acting she must have missed us a little, too.

It has been so nice this weekend outside. I am enjoying the warm weather. I have been uplifted and blessed just by the warm sunshine, it has really changed my mood and overall outlook. I am so ready for spring! We all are. We have tons of bulbs beginning to peak through the ground. It is very exciting for Billie. This fall we spent one whole day outside on the beds getting them shaped up and then planting tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. She is so excited to see them bloom this spring. I'm just happy that they all appear to have been planted the right way and are going to come up! She was such a big help that day and so joyful about it.

We got to talk to Evan today. We were surprised to hear he will be deployed to Afghanistan in May. Shocked, actually. It is still settling in. But we knew that was a big possibility, and we know God is an AWESOME God and will be going with him. We will just pray for his safe return and rest in the assurance of God's ability to protect him. Billie was so worried the day he joined the Marines that he was going to war. She prays for him all of the time. She handled the news good, really. She was surprised and is worried. But I thought she would just really be devastated, because she has been twice when she mistakenly thought he was going to war by something we had said. She is so brave and so strong. She makes me so proud every single day.

So besides being very busy and ready for spring break, we are good and just taking it day by day. I haven't really blogged about it, because I am not sure that Matt will really want me to, but so everyone knows what we are up to I think it is OK to say that Matt was laid off in December and is searching for a job now. As you all know, now is not the best time to be looking for a job, and in the advertising field is probably one of the worst. But we are searching for that and also for more freelance jobs that he can do to keep himself busy with. It is just a terrible time to be searching, and he really had let all of his freelance stuff go since he was so busy with his full time job. We are hoping something will happen soon, either in freelance or a full time position. But God is good and we have everything we need.

I will try to not let as much time go by before my next blog, I promise! Love to you all, and Happy Spring!! Enjoy the blessing of this wonderful warm weather, I know we are!