Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Party Results

The NICU roommates! Together for the first time.  Harper and Milly were pretty interested in each other, too!
 The Food Table.  Mackenzie made the fabulous banner!
 All of the NICU girls and the mommies!
 The birthday girl, she looks tiny here to me!
 She loved the frosting on her cake!
 So glad it was red so we could see it so good!

 Sharing her cake with momy
 This look was on her face a lot that day, and is every day and it just cracks me up!
 The family in our Minnie Ears! Obviously, Minnie was our theme for the party!
Sisters - so sweet!

It was a successful party! Everyone had a good time, but no one more so than the birthday girl herself, Harper Grace.  Not a tear was shed, it was all smiles and good times for her.  She thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  I think she loves to be the center of attention, and so she felt right at home even in the biggest crowd she has ever been in.