Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Easy Tortilla Lasagna

Today I am sharing my recipe for a wonderful, easy, and  nutritious dish-perfect for these cold winter days! Easy Tortilla Lasagna: Start it in the morning in your crock-pot, and finish it in the evening in your oven! 15 minutes or less prep time, and your house will smell amazing!!! (Click on the caption or the link above to see the recipe over at Knoxville Moms Blog!!

Easy Tortilla Lasagna

Friday, January 8, 2016

Sharing My Story-KMB

Hey guys! Just thought you all might enjoy my latest blog post over at Knoxville Moms Blog. I am sharing a little about family planning, and how I feel robbed of that part of my story! While you are there, click on the news letter so you don't miss a thing, and follow us on FaceBook, too! It is a wonderful compilation of writers, mommies, and inspiring women!