Wednesday, May 14, 2014

God's Grace

My sweet Billie has a love for her sister, an empathetic heart ions beyond an average 13 year old, and a talent for writing.  In 7th grade Honors Language Arts they have been studying poetry and during class are given poetry writing assignments.  I honestly do not know what the assigned subject matter was, but Billie chose to write about her sister and her NICU journey, through Billie's eyes.  For your reading pleasure:

Looking in the window
Thinking about that day
In the tank, there she lay.

A tube taped to her mouth,
With her little IV
Tears in my eyes thinking
"How could this be?"

Bundled next to father
Looking still and cold
Eyes closed tight
Mother very bold.

Four months passed
Home she will go
Car drives slow
In her car seat, very low.

First time in my arms
Will never be the last
Be with me forever
Don't grow up too fast.

My precious Billie loves her baby sister.  Sometimes I forget what that NICU journey was for Billie.  Billie has gone through SO MUCH in her short 13 years, more than some people experience in a lifetime.  I was so worried when Michael was sick and after he passed that it would not just change Billie, but also change who she was supposed to be.  I now know that it did change her, that it had to change her, but that God in his mercy and grace and wisdom knew exactly who Billie was to be.  In everything God is good.  The death of her daddy, her brothers, and the birth of her sister have molded Billie into this amazing young women with a heart for the Lord and a heart for hurting people. She finds a way to love and show love to everyone.  I could not be more proud of my girl.