Tuesday, March 29, 2011

20 Weeks and 3 days

We had another doctor visit today and it went great. No ultrasound today, but we got to hear the baby's heart beat- which was absolutely beautiful! I am measuring exactly where I should be at this time, too. Matt and I both thought I was HUGE, but looks like I am just normal!!! We were able to ask lots of questions about the placenta previa and the blood thinner and we both feel much much better about it all. We will find out more when we go back in two weeks for the ultrasound. Until then, lots of prayers that the placenta is "moving" and the placenta previa will be completely corrected, or at least partially corrected by then. As long as their is some movement, it will be a good indication that it will correct itself by 32 weeks. Which is what we want so that we have a much easier and stress free third trimester, a more normal delivery as far as timing, and no risk of hemorrhage or accreta. The sequential results were back today, as well, and everything looks perfect. Almost no risk at all, actually less than the odds of having conjoined twins, of having spina bifida, downs syndrome, anencephaly, or any of the other things they check for. So that was very reassuring. Just nice to know everything is proceeding without problems. More later, and I will try to put a pic of my growing belly up this week, too!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baby Rosecrance at 18 Weeks

Sorry it took me so long to get this up. It was actually taken two weeks ago, at 18 weeks. Thank you to "Crandpa Williams" for taking it from VHS to DVD for us, and to Matt for digitizing it for me so I could put it on the blog. We have another doctor appt. this Tuesday and another ultrasound in two more weeks! I am now 20 weeks, so hard to believe and we are so thankful to be blessed with this baby! I will update again in a few days after our doctor appt. Love to you all!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

18 weeks and 3 days

We had our big anatomy ultrasound today. The baby looks great. I tried to get a peak to see if it is a girl or boy, but was unable to tell! From one angle it looked like a boy, and from another a girl, so I am no closer to knowing. She was careful not to show us, and she said she didn't know either because she wants it to be a surprise for us. The baby has a beautiful spine, skin fold, brain and heart. Everything looks great with the baby. There is a slight complication, but when I asked Dr. Rousis if we should be worried he said "Yes and No." That didn't give me the warm fuzzies. I have total placenta previa, which is when the placenta is over the cervix. I will go back in two weeks for an exam and then again 2 weeks after that for another ultrasound. So in 4 weeks we will know if we are to worry or not, basically. Of course I will be worrying until then, it's my nature and I just can't help it. The placenta can grow higher up so that it is not covering the cervix, so that is why we check again in 4 weeks. Hopefully we find out the placenta has "moved" (it can't actually move, but at this point the uterus will grow faster than the placenta, so it will be as if it moved higher on the uterus and away from the cervix. Statistically, 5% of pregnancies are diagnosed between 18 and 20 weeks with placenta previa, and 90% correct themselves by the third trimester. So those are very good odds. If it doesn't correct itself, then there is an increased risk of hemorrhage (terrifying since I am on blood thinners presently), premature delivery, low birth weight, and placenta accreta (which is when the placenta grows into the uterine wall and can even attach to other organs like the bladder and usually requires hysterectomy after delivery and surgery to remove the growth from the other organs-also terrifying but this is worst case scenario.) Those of you who know me know that I am now worrying myself into a frenzy. For now, I am not completely on bed rest, but almost. No housework (woohoo!), no camping, no lifting, no exercise, etc. We will just hope and pray that everything is totally corrected by my next ultrasound! More later...