Friday, August 3, 2012

My Crazy Climber

So, Harper decided she had enough of nap time and climbed out of her crib today.  And fell all the way to the floor.  It was terrifying for me.  I heard the fall and went running.  It was hard to get there fast enough. Then when I got into her room, I could hear her screaming but I couldn't find her anywhere! So then I started screaming "Harper, where are you? Mommy can't find you!" I at first started to pull the crib out but then was afraid I would set it on top of her.  Then I decided I would just climb over it. So as I hiked my leg up to crawl in and then back out on the other side, I saw her out of the corner of my eye in between the wall and the side of the crib to my left, under her huge stuffed zebra.  She was looking up at me like "Here I am Mommy!" she stopped crying as soon as I dragged her out and picked her up.  I was shaking and crying still.  I stripped her down and checked every where for a sign of injury.  She seemed fine, and even though I am still worried, I think she is fine.  I went back in later to investigate and I think I figured out how she did it, and even though the mattress is low enough, we will be lowering it to the lowest possible setting tonight when Matt gets home. And taking anything that was close or in the crib, like her mobile which is how I think she got out, away from her reach.  We really dodged a bullet.  Thank God for watching over her and keeping her safe and injury free.  I just keep thinking she could have hanged herself, or broken her neck, or injured her brain. But God is good and she is just fine. She is probably not getting a nap today, but hopefully we can fix the problem and make her crib safe for her again later today.  Billie was twice her size and never once climbed out of her crib, the exact same crib - I am using Billie's crib for Harper.  Now we know how she survived being so tiny at birth - she was born a fighter and I just have to be thankful she was! So to try to give her a nap, I put up the pack and play in her room and I have the video monitor set up so I can watch her because, of course, I am scared to death to let her get out of my sight now! Below is the video of her pulling herself up by her little teeny tiny hands, all the way until she is head an shoulders above the top rail! This baby can do chin ups! She is only 24 inches tall and 13 lbs 13 oz!! Boy, am I in trouble! Thank you God for the blessing of Harper Grace, my little monkey!

(It's a video of the monitor, so it isn't great quality, but it still tells the story!)

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