Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 21- National Conjoined Twins Day

 Today is National Conjoined Twins Day.  This day was picked especially because it is symbolic: August is the 8th month, and when laid on its side is the sign of infinity. The 21st was chosen to represent "2 souls- 1 body." The pictures above are of me just a few weeks before I delivered my perfect conjoined twin boys, Joshua and Caleb.
 This was a picture of me with them just a few minutes after their heart had stopped beating.
 This was later in the night and we knew it was time to give their little bodies over to be taken to the mortuary but we just couldn't make ourselves do it.
 This was when the NICU doctor told us that there was nothing more they could do for the boys, they had done well at first but they just didn't have enough lungs to sustain them.
 This was the first time I held my boys.  Do you see Dr. Prince gently telling us what will happen next and what to expect? Do you see Caleb looking at his Daddy?
 This is a precious memento to help us remember they had perfect little hands.
 Here are those perfect hands, brothers holding each other.

My precious Billie sweetly kissing her brothers for the first and last time. So much pain and I could not protect her from any of it. But the loss of her daddy and brothers has given her the sweetest, most compassionate heart.  She is destined for great things.

 Daddy cleaning and dressing the boys while I try to explain everything to Billie. She handled all of it with such grace and wisdom.
Aren't they perfect? Part of my heart is in heaven. It's sometimes hard to look at their picture with out pain, and it's sometimes hard to look at their picture without joy because I know they are at the feet of Jesus.  Isn't that what we all want for our children ultimately anyway? They just got there sooner than I had hoped for.

I do not want to offend anyone, and I have struggled with if I should mention this or not, but I am going to just get it out there, and if you read my blog it probably won't bother you! The TV show "American Horror Story" is starting a new season and it is called "Freak Show." SO you know where I am going with this.  I know many of my Facebook friends watch it and love it.  I haven't ever watched it because I don't watch scary stuff, honestly, my life has been scary enough on its own! I know you all know how we have struggled with education and awareness, conjoined twins are not freaks.  They are sons and daughters, grandchildren, siblings, friends, and even parents.  I am not going to watch this show, and I know that a show with conjoined twins could be done in a great way and be so good.  But I don't expect that with the title of "Freak Show." If you watch it, please let me know.  If it is done in a positive light, I will 100% support it! But if it shows conjoined twins as freaks, monsters, "Siamese", or any other way I can not support it and I hope you will not, either.  END RANT! Now go eat some cake, or release balloons, or throw pies in each others faces to celebrate all the conjoined twins: Those in heaven, those still conjoined, and those separated and surviving and thriving against all the odds! WOOHOO! GO CONJOINED TWINS!

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