Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This is the ultrasound we had Monday. You can see the baby move all over the place - a real acrobat! It even sucks it's thumb at one point. It's a long video, so don't feel you have to watch the whole thing! And if you have trouble seeing ultrasounds, sorry, but I wanted to share! Love to all.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Great News

We went back for an ultrasound Monday and got great news! The baby looks FABULOUS! And actually like a real baby and not like an alien any more, with a strong, 4 chambered heart - yeah! Last time we had two babies and one, 3 chambered heart so we were ecstatic with the news. The blood clots are less than half the size they were only 12 days ago, so that was more amazing news. They think what is left will just be absorbed by my body. I don't even have to go back this Thursday for a progesterone test. I start being weened off the progesterone on Friday, because I won't need it after 12 weeks- which is just over a week away. Praise the Lord. It is really a miracle. I can't believe we have gotten this far. I will start seeing the perinatologist on January 31, and I should only have to go once a month to see them. Everything is going that good. I am still on bed rest, but only until day one of my 12th week, but they want me to still take it easy. No standing for long hours, so that leaves work out of the question for now still, and not cleaning bathrooms or mopping floors, but it is so worth it, I don't even mind. I need to get Billie up for school, so that is all I have time for. But do check out the baby countdown ticker to the right that I added, just for fun! Thanks for all the prayers - God does hear and does answer prayers! God is Good All of the Time!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hello everyone. Just thought I would take a moment to update you. I am now 1o weeks! That seems like a milestone for us. I can't wait to get into my second trimester, it just seems like everything will be OK if I can just get to 12 + weeks. I doubt my risks change any by getting there, but I will feel better and that is important. We had an ultra sound last week and the doctor did the ultrasound this time. He found more bleeding and he felt like it was coming from the placenta, which sounds so scary but he said he thinks it has something to do with what was going on at the time - the placenta was attaching to the wall of my uterus and where that was happening it looked good and thick and no bleeding- this was on the other side of the sac where the placenta had been in it's beginning stage but the placenta had moved over to the wall of my uterus and this was a part that had broken off. That may be way confusing, sorry if it is. He was concerned, for sure, but he said the odds are still in our favor. I go in Monday for another ultrasound and I am so praying that the blood clot is gone and the new bleeding he saw is gone or smaller and that there is no more bleeding anywhere else, and of course for a strong heart beat for our little miracle! The one thing that gives me such joy and confidence is that I have started to feel fluttering! I have actually felt the baby move from time to time. It isn't often, or regular, and it is just tiny fluttering but it is such a comforting feeling. This is about two weeks earlier than I felt the boys move, and a lot earlier than I felt Billie move, but I think I am able to feel it for several reasons. First, I think God has given me this to help calm my fears and give me peace. Second, I think I am more experienced so I know what to "look" for. And third, I think because I am laying down all of the time and super sensitive to every twitch and pain, I naturally am just more aware of what is going on. I haven't been back to the doctor yet to tell him what I have felt, and he may tell me I am crazy. I do know that a 10 week old baby is capable of movement in-utero.
I went back to school on Wednesday. I only have two hours a day, and I go straight there and then come straight home and back to bed, per doctor's orders. I am actually exhausted each day after school. I guess after doing basically nothing for 5 weeks, anything will wear you out!
Billie's 10th birthday is coming up and we still haven't figured out what we are going to do for it. 10 is a BIG deal, but with me on bed rest it puts a kink in things. We are batting some ideas around and we may end up doing a very small celebration with just grandparents now and then do something bigger when I am well and off of bed rest, if that ever happens!
I will try to update after my ultra sound on Monday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!