Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Billie's Slumber Party

Billie's slumber party was a success! She had so much fun. We had pizza for dinner, and the girls all got to decorate their own cupcakes (we gave them two but they were only allowed to eat one and then take the other home with them.) They also decorated canvas totes--too cute! I didn't get a picture of that because I was the only one here with them at that time, because Matt had gone out to get the pizza--and it was all I could do to organize and keep everything running smoothly by myself. I am definitely used to having only one very self sufficient daughter; nine of them just about broke me! HEHE! It was so much fun. I got to also learn so much about her friends, and that was huge and enlightening for me. They were all so good and so patient, too. It really was a great night. We rented the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and they all watched it and then turned in for the night at around 11:15. We don't have the biggest house, so finding places for 9 little girls to sleep was somewhat of a challenge, but we managed. I moved our dining room table out and put down air mattresses for four of them in the "dining room." Then we put two of them on a pallet in Billies room and two more in the bunk beds. I hated to split them up, but I think they probably got more sleep with it being only 4 in each room instead of 8 (one girl didn't spend the night.) They woke up around 7.30, which I thought was very late for a slumber party, but what do I know? We had a big breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits and even munchkin donuts that Matt picked up for the girls. They played fun games that morning and then the parents started picking them up around 10. I can't believe she is old enough for a slumber party. She really enjoyed herself and I was so happy we could do that for her. She has been asking for one since Kindergarten but I have made her wait until she was old enough. I am so glad we did it. Next time I might make it a little smaller, just because it is hard to have that many in our small house, but it really worked out fine. No one fussed or complained about a single thing. They were all jut happy to be together. There were two little girls that "don't like each other" according to Billie, but even they were fine together. I have no complaints about the entire night. Except I was so TIRED the next day! Of course I wanted it all to be perfect so I had cleaned the house (because 9 year olds would probably notice, right?) and worked on "goodie bags" and the craft and cupcakes and all that stuff. But I am glad I did so much ahead of time, because it really helped the evening go smoothly.
Now to study. I have a big next few weeks at school; One paper, three exams and a speech coming up, too. It will all hit pretty close together so I am trying to get a jump start on it. The speech is informative, and of course I picked conjoined twins for my topic. I find myself thinking about that more than anything, and planning visual aides and even a sound bite or two. I am excited about creating awareness in such a young crowd. I had no idea that conjoined twins even happened before Joshua and Caleb. Of course I had heard of them at some point in my life, but I guess it is like anything else--something that happens very seldom and not to me or anyone I know. I like that I have the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with people. Of course, I always love the opportunity to share Joshua and Caleb with any one that will listen! Wish me luck, I am nervous about keeping my emotions in check. But I really think I can, as long as I stick to the facts and not delve too much into the personal/emotional aspect of the story. Practice makes perfect, too, so I know if I say it again and again that will help me push past any emotions that are brought up. Have a good week everyone!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Flashback Friday--Happy Birthday Billie!

Billie 7 years old
Billie 7 months old--her first "finger food"- crackers. Nalla LOVED it!

Billie and Nalla, almost 5 years old.

Billie Easter - 5 Years old

Billie and her Daddy, 9 months old.
Billie is 9 years old! I can not believe it! Sorry I do not have any newborn pics of her on my computer, that was before I had a digital camera! We had a great birthday party Wednesday night at our house with her grandparents. I told her to pic her favorite meal and she chose Vegetable soup and corn bread! Now let me paint the picture for you from four years ago: Billie was 5 and we had Greg and Kellee and the girls over for dinner at our new condo. I had made a huge pot of vegetable soup and we all sat down at the dinner table to eat. Billie got big tears in her eyes as she looked at her bowl in front of her. She refused to even taste it. "It has tomatoes in it!" she screamed, as big huge tears streamed down her face. I told her to just try it and if she didn't like it she didn't have to eat it. She still refused and I sent her to bed, screaming the entire way. About ten minutes later, she could still be heard in hysterics from her room, so I went in there to try to calm her down. Nothing doing. She had set her mind that she was not going to eat the soup. I left her in there to calm down. Greg and Kellee and the girls finished and we visited a little while and then they left to go home. I brought Billie back out to the table, heated her bowl of soup up and we tried again. She was still absolutely beside herself upset. I told her it was good with cheese and crackers in it, and asked if she wanted to try it that way. She did not. We fought about it back and forth for another hour probably and I finally told her I had had enough and she would eat the soup and say "Yum! Yum!" after every bite. So she finally dug in, and with her face soaked with tears and red from the trauma of the night, she began to giggle. She cried and giggled and kept taking bites of the soup. She said she was giggling because it tasted good. She was so surprised that it tasted good, and she had been so afraid to try it. She was sad because she had wasted a night of playing with Courtney and Mackenzie, but she was so happy that the soup didn't kill her. Bless her heart. She is so strong willed. But I knew if she would only try it, that she would like it. I usually know exactly what she will and won't like, and I am usually right. She now trusts me most of the time and tries stuff when I tell her she will like it. She did finish that bowl of soup and after each bite she said "Yum! Yum!" and we both cried and giggled as she did it. We laugh about that story now. It was a very traumatic night for both of us. I probably was too hard on her and should have just let her go hungry, but I guess I am strong willed, too! I was so surprised when she chose vegetable soup for her birthday dinner. I offered to make absolutely anything she wanted, but that is what she wanted! So amazing, my little girl. I am so glad that traumatic night turned into something so positive. I definitely had guilt over that one for a while, bless her heart.
Tonight she is celebrating with her friends. We are having our first slumber party. Nine 9-yr-old girls in our tiny little condo! It should be interesting. I am a little nervous. I really didn't plan on having that many girls. Yes, we did invite 8 girls. But I asked all of my friends who have done this sort of thing before and they all said only about half come! Imagine my surprise when all 8 we invited RSVP'd! But Billie is so excited and it should be a wonderful experience for us all. Matt thinks I was nuts for inviting that many, but we are just going to pile them up in sleeping bags on the floor and everyone will be cozy and comfy! Besides, I learned a valuable lesson: Only invite the number your house can hold! Live and learn, right? I will let you know how it goes! Happy Birthday Billie, my sweet precious little girl!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I know, I have failed you the last couple weeks! I am so sorry. But Let me just tell you, we totally enjoyed every last second of our break. We were going non-stop, and somehow I managed to work, too. So this will update you about our Disney trip, and I will try to give you more details about the rest of our break and Christmas and New Year's, too, later over the coming days/weeks.
So, Billie and I went to Disney with Bill, Wanda, Angelique, Wes, Riley, Mallory, and all of the "Thomas family"(Wes's brothers, their wives and children and even some in-laws, too!) We had the most wonderful time, although we did miss Matt. We had 5 days at the parks, and we pretty much went from dusk till dawn, or dawn till midnight! Billie also formed a sweet relationship with our housekeeper at the hotel. Billie put Cody( her stuffed dog she sleeps with) and some other toys in the window to "decorate" for Christmas, as she had seen in some other windows in the resort. Our housekeeper later that day moved them and put them on the bed to play. Very cute. Billie loved it and wrote her a thank you note then next morning. That day when we got back, Cody and her other dolls were on the bed watching TV with the remote, along with a note back from Raquel. Billie was more than thrilled! So this went on each day, notes back and forth, too. On the last day we got to meet Raquel, as we were at the resort late that day since I had a dead battery in my car and AAA did not know how to get around Disney and could not find us! So Billie and Raquel talked and hugged and it was so sweet. Raquel said every day when she got to our room she had to think about what she would do with Billie's stuff! She enjoyed it, too. SO that night when we got back to our room, the lights were off, which was odd. I could see that there was "stuff" scattered about, but I didn't know exactly what. We turned the light on to find our room had been "rolled" or "TP'd" if you are from the north. The source was Cody, and there was a note from Raquel that said "Cody is so strong! He stole the toilet paper and pushed me out of the room! I will clean it up tomorrow!" I think Billie had almost as much fun with the interaction between her and Raquel as she did at Disney!
The week was perfect. We did all of the parks. Our favorite was Epcot and Animal Kingdom this time. Mt. Everest was AWESOME! That was our first time riding it, and we absolutely loved it. Billie also loved Soaring at Epcot, and the Kim Possible Mission that we all got to do. It was really fun. We had fun meals, too. We got to have breakfast and dinner with the Princess's. We had breakfast at the castle and dinner at the Floridian. The dinner included Lady Tremaine and the step sisters, Cinderella and Prince Charming. It was great! Lady Tremaine was hilarious! She was such a snot, and stayed in character even with the little kids. I think you can kind of see it from the picture of her. Riley got to dance with Cinderella and Emory with Prince Charming. We also went to the O'Hara for a Polynesian themed dinner. The food was amazing. My favorite food was probably at the Lady and the Tramp themed restaurant. It was so good. I had mushroom stuffed ravioli with spinach and Alfredo sauce. I think I could eat that every day! Good thing it isn't available, huh?
I am back in school, as is Billie. And I need to get to class, so I am going to upload some pics from Disney for you and will give you more details later. Love to all and Happy New Year!!