Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nose Full of Spaghetti Makes the Momma Freak Out

First of all, just know that Matt is away for a work trip, so I am basically a single mom this week.  That always makes everything harder.  I need someone else who is an adult around some of the time to bounce things off of.  It keeps me sane.  OK, it keeps me closer to being a sane woman- we all know I am crazy, but it makes me enduring, right? Now I have help and plenty of support, do not get it twisted.  Billie has been chauffeured around by her sweet grandparents all week so I do not have to get the baby out in the cold.  Side note- since she is technically the baby,  I can always call her that even though she will be three in April, correct?

Getting back to our evening, we had left over spaghetti for dinner with salad.  Super easy since it was left over, and my kids eat the heck out of whole wheat spaghetti.  So we were all happily eating and just enjoying ourselves and Harper says "OUCH! Mamma, get the sketti out my nose, it hurts!" Seriously? So I jump up and look up her nose.  Yep, she has spaghetti up her nose! I am not even kidding! I pinch the other nostril and say "Blow" but she so does not comprehend what that is.  At all.  So then I run to get the nasal aspirator.  I never saw the spaghetti again.

So at first I am like it's gone.  She either swallowed it, or I did get it out the other way and it's fine.  But then doubt creeps in and I start thinking she could get sick, it could fester and grow some crazy bacteria on it and she could lose her nose.  OR she could lay down in her crib to go to sleep and that thing slip back in her throat and choke her in her sleep! I'm telling you, I need more adult interaction.  I do what I always do when I have a doctor-ish question about Harper.  I text one of our NICU nurses.  Not even kidding, her response was "I honestly don't know what to say!" OMG! What? You are my source for all things Harper, if you don't know what to say we may really be in trouble here.

Now I do know I have an AMAZING ability to make mountains out of mole hills, but if my NICU nurse is alarmed,  I should be freaking out already! Her next text says "I would probably call Greg and Abby." (My WONDERFUL pediatricians) My heart starts beating faster and I am sure I am flushed and sweating.  I am all "Really? That's not a stupid call?" She says "No, not at all.  I would call if it were me."

Bless my pediatricians.  They must really love my kids, because they always act happy to hear from me, always take me seriously, and always give me great advice.  He basically told me to take a chill pill, but in a really sweet, really funny way that had us both laughing.  And he calmed me down and gave me some tips to watch for and try later, too. They have totally talked me off a ledge on several occasions and I could not get through motherhood with out them.  I am so blessed they haven't kicked me out for being so high maintenance, long winded, and melodramatic.

We gave Harper a long, hot bath tonight and let her stay up a little late just to keep a watch on her and help me feel confident the spaghetti was no longer in her nose.  You can bet if she coughs or breaths deep tonight, I will be rushing to her bedside.

The real sweet/funny thing tonight happened when I was rocking Harper to sleep.  We always read a book, drink a bottle of milk (no judging, I know I have to break the bottle habit. Easier said than done,) sing songs, and say prayers.  It's a ritual.  We do it every night.  It helps make the screaming and crying shorter if we keep this routine.  This is Harper's prayer tonight:
"Dear God, Thank you for sketti. Thank you for Harper's bath. Thank you for rocking in da rocking chair. Thank you for Harper's baba. AAAAAAAAMEEEEEN! Let me take a bow. Thank you, thank you so much!"  So sweet and so FUNNY! I am telling you, that baby is so funny! Her vocabulary and speech skills are miraculous, to say the least, and I swear she has a sense of humor.  This was honestly her prayer, in her own words, verbatim.  And then she sang every single word to "Jesus Loves Me" at the top of her lungs.  I can't even tell you how blessed I feel as I lay her down in her crib tonight.  As hard as today might have been, it was so worth it to get to that prayer and song tonight. 

And then...I came out of her room and my precious thirteen year old said she heard Harper singing and thought it was so cute! I told her the prayer that was said and Billie and I laughed and laughed.  God is so good to me.  I am so blessed. I have so many wonderful people in my life that put up with me and my family's shenanigans. 

If you are awaiting an email from me tonight, and several of you are waiting for various info from me, you will get it tomorrow.  This momma is done for the night and must go to bed.  But I will get to you, and I have not forgotten.  Promise.