Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Sorry to be so quiet for 7+ months. Just busy, mostly with good things! I have been working hard to grow my Young Living Essential Oils business, and it is growing, albeit slowly. But I am in love with Young Living and all of their products, not just essential oils.  Young Living has truly changed how I do everything in my home daily. From cleaning products to essential oils, and even nutrition, I just love all of their products. This is a company I trust with my family, and I love the way they do everything!

Billie will be starting high school in just a few short weeks! Talk about change! I can't believe my baby is going to high school! We have been house hunting since May and I will share some info on that as soon as I can, so hopefully in the fall I will have news to share with you about that. But you can be in prayer for us in the mean time, because we are looking at lots of change within our family, and some of it is going to be painful. I always think I like change, until it is upon me, and then I realize I actually hate change. But to live is to change, and I don't want to remain stagnant in my spiritual life, my family life, my work life, and even my home life. So change it is! Change is good. I will just keep saying that until I believe it.

Harper is doing well, too. She is as stubborn as they come, and is fighting me tooth and nail on the potty training front.  I am pretty sure I will give up before she does, so pray for me that I don't.  I won't go into details so as not to embarrass her later in life, we all know what we put on the Internet is there to stay until the end of time. I will just say she is all on board for number one, but number two is a bear of struggle.  If she doesn't get on board with this before the school year starts she will not be going to preschool. Now, I will home school her so she will not get behind her peers as far as that goes, but the real problem is that she will not be interacting with her peers. I am just afraid she will fall further behind, because we got to see how great she did being in preschool just one day last year. She was actually in a room down from her age, because she wasn't potty trained, but we can't do that this year because her room down from her age also has to be potty trained now. There's no way she can go two rooms down, even though size wise she fits it, her verbal skills are just amazing now so it just wouldn't work. She is still tiny, 35 inches tall and 23 pounds! But she is growing; she grew about half an inch since April-I'll take it! I will take all your prayers where this is concerned; I am at a loss except for prayer. Really, I have tried EVERYTHING. My next stop will be at the gastroenterologist to see if there is something medically wrong that is preventing her from getting past this milestone. Her pediatrician says to not worry about it, she will not go to kindergarten in diapers, but I am starting to wonder!

You all know how much I hate July. I still hate July. Today is the anniversary of Michael's death- 11 years it has been.  My father-in-law put it perfectly today saying, "In some ways it seems like forever ago. And in some ways it seems like yesterday." On one hand, my heart still just aches from the loss. But on the other hand, I am so blessed and so loved by so many and Billie and I are thriving-living. Only the good die young-there might be nothing more true. Angelique sent me this picture today to help lighten the mood. It sure did.

The boys’ birthday was last week; they would be 7. I feel their loss every day, too. This year I didn't make a dinner, or bake a cake, or even go to the cemetery. I just couldn't. But I still got a blessing and felt close to them through Billie and Harper.  Harper is very afraid of storms, and I was busy working in the house and Billie and Harper were hanging out. It was storming. Billie told her that storms are just God bowling with Joshua and Caleb, unbeknownst to me, and Harper came into the kitchen and said to me "Momma, do you know what funder is? It's Joshua and Caleb bowling in heaven." Precious. I really have the two best daughters in the world.

That's just a quick update, and I feel a little better just getting my hurts out instead of